Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today's the Day: Hug a Russian Border Guard

If you happen to be crossing into Russia today, count your blessings: This would be the day to greet Russian border guards with special warmth if not hugs. That's because today, May 28th, is the Day of the Border Guard, a professional holiday.

As you might be aware, most professions or occupations in Russia have a professional holiday. There are holidays for teachers, police officers, janitors and one for medical workers. And that's just the start. Yesterday was The Day of the Librarian and, silly me, somehow I completely overlooked it. Professional holidays are good days on which to show appreciation, present flowers, chocolate or simply be in the mood to celebrate.

As this video points out, the Russian border guards have quite a rigorous task, their border being the longest in the world. And, from Russia Today, an interesting clip, Dogs Sink Teeth into Border Duty. Sounds as though those border dogs should get some special treats today too.

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