Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Mama to Call Her Own: An Orphan's Dream Come True

If there's one thing every orphan wants, it's a mother of her very own. Five-year-old Natasha is no exception.

As you may recall, a wonderful family in the Atlanta area adopted little Natasha in March. She had been in a Rostov-on-Don orphanage since infancy. I met little Natasha several years ago. And then earlier this year, heard the incredible news that a family in the US was hoping to adopt Natasha. I recently had privilege of staying with Natasha and her dear family in Atlanta.

Natasha can be a full-time job. After her three older brothers are off to school, Natasha has her mother's undivided attention.

This morning, Natasha and her mama furnished a digital house together, thanks to the wonders of computer technology. Must be designed especially for little girls. And their mamas.

Natasha's dear mother has the patience of Job. Natasha loves to talk and seems to repeat questions 10 times. Fortunately, her mother has the gift of gab, loves to talk and visit. It's the perfect match. Mothers of little ones are heroic. And adoptive mothers are in a league of their own.

But let us not forget Natasha's papa. The two of them adore each other. Natasha can hardly bear for her papa to leave each day for work. But now and then, he steals himself away for lunch with his two favorite girls, above. And this time, I got to tag along too.

Dear little Natasha. Can you possibly imagine how blessed you are? Across Russia are little children your age who would like more than anything to have a mama to honor on Mother's Day. Natasha, I trust you showed your mama lots of love on her special day. Just between the two of us Natasha, do yourself a favor. . .and make every day Mother's Day. ;)

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