Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trade Lacking: But Airlines Seem Confident

Trade between Russia and the U.S. is not reaching its potential declared U.S. Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, recently in St Petersburg for an economic forum, according to Russia Today. His numbers show that U.S. firms have invested 12 times more capital in Russia than Russian companies have invested in the U.S.

But if two U.S.-based airlines have their way, there will be lots more traffic between the two countries. Until this month, Delta has been the only U.S. carrier with direct flights to Moscow. Just last week, American Airlines began flights from Chicago direct to Moscow, Monday through Saturday. Not to be outdone, United Airlines plans to fly from Washington D.C. direct to Moscow starting in October. It's safe to assume that Aeroflot, the Russian airline will continue flights.

Well dear blog reader, what is your airline of choice when traveling to Russia? (Note: Southwest Airlines is not one of the choices!) When you come to Russia, what airline do you prefer? How about stop-overs?

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