Saturday, June 21, 2008

The White Nights of Summer

Should you find yourself in St Petersburg this weekend, you can go out for an evening stroll with little fear for personal safety. That's because most everybody else will be out late too, enjoying the peak of the White Nights of St Petersburg.

You might be familiar with these days in late June, which are - at least for those in the northern hemisphere - the longest days of the year. St Petersburg is so far north - nearly as far north as is Anchorage, Alaska - that during the White Nights, the sky stays light through the night. In fact, today in St Petersburg, this morning sun rose at 4:37 and sunset will be at 11:23.

Well, dear blog reader, have you per chance been to St Petersburg during the white nights? You might not be lucky enough live in the far north, but what comes to your mind when you think of the long days of summer? For me, it will always be that quite unintentional all-nighter I spent at Moscow's Sheremetevo-1 airport several summers ago.

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John from Kansas said...

That's pretty cool Eileen, thanks for posting.