Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to Rostov, Dear Danah

Dear friend Danah arrived in Rostov Friday evening. She's from Dallas area and travelled here with three friends from Oklahoma. So in a way, that makes the three of them foreigners, doesn't it? But what a treat to have guests, especially when they've come to do an outreach program for us here in our congregation. That starts today.

But last evening Danah and I did the local sights together. After going to Asia, which, according to self-proclaimed geographers, technically is just across the Don River, we came back here to Europe, and visited Theatre Square.

Being a long holiday weekend, many people were at Theatre Square Sunday evening for just a bit more recreation and relaxation before the work week.

Hey Danah, where are you? Ah yes, she's down there by the fountain.

Let's zoom in a little closer. There she is, waving at us. Let's invite her up closer.

Hey Danah, how do you like Theatre Square? She loved it. It was a lovely place to be on Russia Day weekend, 2008. Danah is there anything quite this lovely in downtown Dallas? Well, there's those statues of of longhorned cattle stampeeding over a little knoll. Surely that would count for something. Well anyway, welcome to my world here in Rostov-on-Don ~ and to the beauty and history of this city.

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