Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Mutual Birthday!

Today is Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday. This evening in Rostov-on-Don, we will be celebrating Governor Schwarzenegger's big day.

Today is also Paul Anka's birthday. We will be celebrating his birthday too at Mama's Pizza, a neat Italian place.

Say do you remember his song, Having My Baby, summer of 1974? What were you doing back then? I remember long days of lifeguarding, heading into my last year of college and student teaching. Life was golden. In part because somebody else was havin' his baby.

Henry Ford was born on July 30th too. This evening we will think grateful thoughts in his honor. Where would we be without vehicles? Or, for that matter, without the assembly line that he developed?

(Photo courtesy of Time magazine)

Hilary Swank will be blowing out birthday candles today too. She won the Best Actress Oscar and Golden Globe again for playing a boxer in Clint Eastwood's 2004 Oscar-winning film Million Dollar Baby, a role for which she underwent training in the ring and gained 19 pounds of muscle. I can relate to that gaining of 19 pounds. Might have been muscle, might not have. . .

(Photo courtesy Internet Movie Database)

Dr Elizabeth Haley was also born on July 30th. I knew her as Dean Haley when she was dean of the College of Home Economics - now the College of Human Sciences - at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas back during my graduate school years, 1987 - 1990.

During those years, Dean Haley was tapped to serve as acting president of the university. She was in her mid-40's then. What a visionary leader, Dean Haley. Now she serves TTU as Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean Emeritus, which probably involves in strategic planning and fund raising. Now there is one smart cookie. Under her leadership the College of Home Economics flourished, with 2,000 some students enrolled, one of the top two home economics programs in the nation.

Oh yeah ~ and today is my birthday day too! We will be celebrating around 7:30 or so this evening after our Wednesday pm Bible study. It's just a short little walk from our church building to the restaurant so we'll hike there and that will help burn off calories. And that's something we all want to do, is it not?

I've invited everybody from our Bible study plus several favorite people to join us and can hardly wait to be together and enjoying exotic Italian ice cream. See this is the Russian way, throw yourself a birthday party. I love this system! Say, care to join us? We'll save you a spot and maybe some ice cream too.


Anonymous said...

So, Happy Birthday, Eileen! It's nice that we know the most famous one celebrating today. I hope your ice cream is yummy. It's hot enough here to really enjoy ice cream right now. Hugs, Nancy Green

John from Kansas said...

Happy Birthday Eileen.

Nettie said...

YES, YES, DA! I want to be at your party. Of course...the Russian way is THE BEST. You are sure you will have a party, that the people you love the most will come, you will get the cake of your choice, and you can drink and not drive (oops...maybe not everyone celebrates that way.) This year in Samara I was invited to a birthday party and OH such much laughing, toasting, and eating. It easily lasted four hours. My dream is to have a birthday in Russia. Maybe next year. But for now...May YOU enjoy this special day. May you have love, happiness, good health, joy and purpose. May your home fill up with flowers, chocolate and friends. May the Lord bless you and keep you...make His face shine upon gracious unto you...and give you peace.

Eileen said...

Oh THANK YOU Anonymous Nancy for the birthday wishes! So wonderful to hear from you - and say, enjoyed seeing your picture at Charity's blog - about about family get-together. How fun. Yes, ice cream was so good.

John from Kansas - are you still out there in the blog world and thriving? I see you show up in the blog stats from time to time (or, at least I think that might be you!) and have to smile. Thanks much for the Happy Birthday!

Oh, and Nettie - well aren't you nice with all the scoop on the Russian birthday. And here you got to attend one in person, in Samara, no less. Say, are you connected with the talented and witty Jeanette M who visits too? Well thank you for the nice wishes!

Nettie said...

ha ha - I AM the talented and witty Jeanette M. I have a new gmail account but I'm not sure why "Nettie" popped up as my user name. Oh well...

Eileen said...

Oh Nettie, what I MEANT to say was *are you connected with the talented, witty and HUMBLE Jeannette M. =) (hahah) Thanks again, EE

PS: Yes, I know I owe you an email. goodness. . . just chalk it up to my being, you know, a little...whatever. . . . (in other words, it's not You!) =) and I DO so appreciate your kind words btw.