Monday, July 07, 2008

Of Ice Cream, Bread. . . and Banking

Keeping you, dear blog readers, up-to-date with the latest billboards here in Rostov-on-Don is a responsibility that I take quite seriously. The billboard below is linked to the agricultural roots of the Rostov Region, where so much grain is grown.

You might remember this billboard - perhaps you made a note of it somewhere (perhaps not) - that SKB bank had earlier posted a billboard here featuring a pilot, a husband and easy credit. Both signs employ an charming style of art, let's call it Soviet-era nostalgia art. Care to join me for a closer look?

Oopsie, we lost our wheat girl. Well she'll be back around here in half-a-minute. Or so. . .

Oh good, here she is. . . and here's what she wants us to know. And memorize. You know these Russian folk are really into memorizing things.

Bread - (is) for the homeland.
For children - (there's) ice cream.

What's left - (is to)
deposit as an investment!

(Literally: for a percent of investment!)

Interest up to 14.5%.

Okay, you native speakers of Russian, we're looking to you to tweak this translation a bit. But anyway, we get the idea, don't we? For good credit, go to SKB Bank. Besides credit, they have bread and ice cream. All served up by Russian girls straight from the field. Or maybe not.

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Jeanette M said...

14.5 percent in a bank! Now there's a tempting investment opportunity.