Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today in History: The Royal Wedding

Britain's Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral, London on this day in 1981. Twenty-seven years ago ~ what a special pair and what a perfect day.

Were you one of the millions worldwide who watched the festivities on TV? Or perhaps you attended in person?! I wanted to go. Even then, I was well qualified to represent the U.S. in the competition to catch that bridal bouquet. . .

Looking back at all that wedding, at the marriage and at all that has transpired, what can be said? It's safe to say that things are not always as they appear. That royal families have struggles too. And even a princess is not exempt from a broken heart.

Dear blog reader, any special insights or memories from that royal wedding? What advise would you have given the royal couple, had they asked?

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