Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year from Father Frost and Friends!

Father Frost joins me in wishing You and Yours a wonderful New Year!


Rose said...

Happy New Years!

PS the Young Bearded Artist named Todd lives with me now in Knoxville. His cousins enjoy the new boarder.

Rose said...

What happened the the picture of the sprial topped buildings? They were lovely.

Eileen said...

Hey Rose! *Spa-see-bo* (thanks!) for stopping by. And oh boy, you caught me with my domes down, my onion domes that is. But now they're back with the rest of St Basil's. See, I was doing some much-needed remodeling on that post! Think you'll like it! Bless you,

Charity said...

Happy New Year, Eileen! LOVE the pictures of St. Basil's in your previous post. I have several pictures of the onion-tops, too, but they're not nearly as good as yours. :-)

I also like Father Frost's get-up much better than Santa's. Very festive!

Eileen said...

Hey Charity, Neat that you've been to Red Square yourself! Thanks for the kind words about my photos. I'm fortunate to have a good camera and then I *edit the daylights* out of each shot with a photo editing program (Adobe Photoshop Elements). And about Father Frost - Learned something new from my *local experts* - his costume can be either red, blue or green. That explains why FF is showing up different places in different colors. =)