Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hear Ye. . . Hear Ye! Here's My *Roar!*

I’ve been Roared at by Jenny Rough, a smart-cookie-lawyer turned freelance writer and a favorite blogger. Getting Roared at means listing three things that I consider necessary for good, powerful writing. But let's up that to five things because I’m a Leo, after all, and Roaring is what we do:

1) Use verbs with punch – and go for active verbs versus passive. 2) Edit Ruthlessly. Now, if your name happens to be Ruth, that can be a bit tricky. 3) Write – write – write. Three writes do Not make a wrong – whatever that means – and BLOGGING helps build writing muscles. Like sit-ups and push-ups: Low on glamour but surprisingly effective. 4) Build vocabulary. My favorite is Super Word Power from Yahoo!Games! It's yoga for the brain. 5) Hover around real writers and find inspiration from their topics, perspective, methods and amusements – including Roaring. That’s caffeine for the noggin.

And now, according to the Rules of the Den, I'm to ROAR at five other unsuspecting writers:
Charity at Haphazard Housewife.
Karen at Write Now.
Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary.
Erik at Tryggblog,
Todd at Reach for Something Good.


Rachel Anne said...

Wow! Thank you, I am honored to be in such fine company. What a sweet compliment.

I will have fun thinking about who to send this on to...and my thoughts about writing as well.

Thanks for making my day!

Eileen said...

Thank you Rachel Anne for your kind words - I'm really looking forward to reading your *Roar* whenever you have half-a-chance. And Your blog is absolutely the best with So many comments and overflowing with creativity. It's simply the best and I have no idea how you manage to find time to reply to all the comment-leavers who stop by - but you do! ;) E