Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Inspired by the Pom-pom-pomegranate

Thanks to this beautiful fruit, I've been extra inspired lately. I'd like to think that it's noticable in my writing. (Have you noticed, per chance?) Not that I've been eating pomegranates, you understand, although I'm certainly not opposed to doing so. . . (Above: Pomegranates for sale in Central Market, Rostov-on-Don.)

. . .but I've been bathing in them. Well, in a way, yes. This shower gel with pomegrante extract provides an inspirational boost.

At least that's what the small print says, there in the green, INSPIRATIONAL.

Hey, how about a toast to Christmas with pomegranate juice? For only 60-some rubles a bottle, we can be inspired from the inside out. And besides that, pomengranate is touted as soooo good for the digestive system. I'm inspired to drink to that! And here in a minute I'll find the inspiration to practice pronouncing that new vocabulary word, *вдохновляющий*. Care to join me? ;)

How about you? What gives your inspiration a boost? And do you bathe in it? Do you happen to drink it?


blackpurl said...

I have never been to Rostov... I am in Krasnodar!

I love to drink pomegranate juice but eating the fruit is still hard for me!

Eileen said...

Hello Neighbor! Thanks so much for stopping by. Well, you're ahead of me with the pomogranate - but you've inspired me. Think I'll buy a bottle of the juice just special for New Years. I'm with you on the fruit though...but maybe I'll dive in a buy a pomegranate. Talk about going wild and crazy over the holidays! E

Rose said...

Hello eileen
Yum, what beautiful photographs. I am definately adding pomegranate juice to my shopping list. We will be celebrating Scott Burkas birthday on New Years Day with his grandparents. All the Burkas just spent the holiday together at the beach. Melissa just glowed when she stood with her boys for a photo shoot.
Tennessee Rose