Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Of Canaries and Countdowns

We were counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve and little Sunny insisted on parking there in front of the clock. This was problematic only because the black book upon which he was perched is a Bible. And that made me a little nervous. What came to mind was the old classic hymn, Standing on the Promises…. and in that vein I cautioned him, Young man, you may meditate, you may contemplate, you may think spiritual thoughts. But when it comes time to . . . you know, do your little birdie business, you’d better be heading on back to your cage. . .

But you know canaries. They’re such. . . bird brains.


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Eileen!

That's always a such pleasure to read your sweet posts!

And so beautiful picture!

Thank you,
Svet and Kyle

Eileen said...

Key Kyle and Svet, THANK YOU and I enjoy your blog too. Your Cola blog interested me because I've got to admit, I drink more Cola Light than anybody needs to drink - but after it was on your blog I saw an article in the Moscow Time, front page about Cola politics. (see probably the reporter saw it first on Your blog...ha) Interesting topic. Haven't seen any of those *kron* promotions in this neck of the woods, however... Say, do you ever visit the blog, English Russia? Some amazing photos there! E

Jenny said...

Oh, how funny. What a cute bird.