Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Statue of Lenin Discovered in Antarctica

Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian Revolution, first head of the Soviet Union and communist politician still shows up, often in surprising places.

It would come as no surprise, of course, that there’s a statue to Lenin here in Rostov-on-Don or dozens of other sites across the former Soviet Union.

Nor is it surprising that on certain holidays when the Communist Party people parade through town waving their red flags with hammer and sickle, that there will be somebody marching along with a large portrait of Lenin.

And of course, his embalmed body is on display there as it has been for decades in Moscow’s Lenin Mausoleum overlooking Red Square.

But did you hear that Lenin was spotted at the South Pole in recent weeks? Yes! Polar researchers reported seeing a large bust of Lenin way out in the middle of Antarctica, visible from miles away. They expected the bust to be made of marble or concrete, maybe even an ice sculpture. Nyet, nyet, a thousand times nyet! That Vladimir Lenin, there's just no predicting him. Read all about it at Soviet Icon Surprises Polar Scientists.

Well how about you? If you were to choose where a statue of You would be planted, where would you choose? Why?

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