Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where in the World Have YOU Been?

Say, here's a travel adventure that's absolutely free! Visit the TravBuddy site and remember where on earth you've gone. To all 50 states? Or to Antartica? Okay, how about Disney World?

I'm so very humbled by my 9% score! Let's see, if the question were What countries have you seen?, then we could add places we've glimpsed from an airplane window. And for me, since Moscow to New York flights curve up in an arch over Greenland, Iceland and Newfoundland, I could add them.

Or, if the data were about percentage of earth surface, that would help simply because Russia covers 1/6 of the earth surface, somebody said. Ah well, it still brings back travel memories. What unique place have YOU visited where the rest of us have never been? Anybody besides me been to Tasmania?

At TravBuddy, another map allows you indicate your travel dreams -- where you would imagine going. I would love to take the Trans-Siberian train across Russia. Or visit Alaska in the summer. Or Antartica or the lands of the Bible. How about YOU? Where do you dream of going in the next three to five years? As for me, within the next 3 minutes I plan to travel toward my kitchen for a cuppa hot tea. Care to join me?


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Eileen!

This map looks like nice toy! One day we need to try it too ;).

Your map is amazing - you visited so many counties! We've already read that you have been even in Australia. But you never told yet that you've been on Tasmania! Did you meet Tasmanian Devil there? Are they really dangerous?

This map is nice little thing. Looking at it you especially clear realize how many are there places to go on the Earth, and how little time we really have for it. But we will try!

Best wishes, from Moscow(Russia) and
please take care!
Svet and Kyle
PS Must to tell you that we are looking forward to see your "Ladies of Street".

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Oh Eileen- I can't fill one of those out, it'd be too depressing. My husband wants to go on an Alaskan Cruise this year. My only dream is to work in an orphanage in Bosnia, even if only for a few weeks. I also want to take my youngest son to Disneyland-his brother and sister have already been. So that's about it for me. But like you, the next trip I take will be a lot less glamorous-perhaps a trip to the bathroom...haha! ~Karen

Patti Rudin Albaugh said...

What a great tool! I logged in at 8%...I'm impressed with your map. You made it to Australia. Miss you in the writing class. I was looking forward to reading more of your work. I'm in Ohio. Is your email somewhere on your page?

Eileen said...

Hello Kyle and Svet, Always great to hear from you *Moscow neighbors!* Glad you like the map, neat isn't it? Yes, saw a Tasmanian devil - in a museum! Tasmania is part of Australia, you know, so I just took the overnight ferry down there one school holiday. Got around on the trains and such and met up with folks from church so it made for a very nice time. Just realized that was in 1977 and I'm remembering that it rained most of of the time, being spring in Sept-Oct, as I recall. Are you interested in a trip *down unda?*

Karen, you're funny. I'm with you on heading toward *the ladies* - those were my thoughts exactly while finishing up that post. Neat for your Alaskan cruise to work out - they say that's the very best trip. An orphanage, yes - that absolutely pulls on the heart strings. Well, may I ask, what's standing between you and a trip to Bosnia? (other than plane tickets and other little incidentals? hahha) Yes, I too simply adore the little angels here in our nearby orphanage.

Patti, oh dear Patti, - thanks so much for saying HELLO. You're in OHIO? See, I thought you were in sunny California, silly me. About writing class, I plan to come back very soon, like today. Let's keep in touch - yeah - Ohio Buckeyes! I see email addresses are below each post with the little white envelope. (just learned that myself). But here is my address: eemch(at) Later, EE

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

"Are you interested in a trip *down unda?*"

Yes! Trips anywhere are great! :)))

Jeanette M said...

Hey - that was fun! I'm a 9%er too...everything's in the northern hemisphere. Looks like I need to plan to go farther south of the border than Mexico...