Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Russian Police Officers in NYC

Walk along the street in Brighton Beach area of New York City and you’re more likely to hear Russian spoken than English. Makes sense since more Russian-speaking émigrés reside in Brighton Beach than any other spot in the U.S. The New York Police Department has been actively recruiting Russian-speaking police officers and now employs more than 200, including Officer Alexander Katz, above, originally from St Petersburg, Russia. (From Russia Today.)


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Eileen!

Thank you for very interesting article!

Best wishes from Moscow,
Svet and Kyle

Eileen said...

Hey Kyle and Svet, Thank you for your comment. Interesting, isn't it to think about Russian-speaking folks in NYPD. Have you by chance ever been to Brighton Beach? I'd love to go - think I've seen it from a bridge, so far, no closer. ;)