Thursday, February 14, 2008

Furs, Furs, Glorious Furs

Cold Russian winters and fur coats go together birds of a feather. Some are simply absolutely breathtaking. One neat thing about the fur coat ladies, they're always quite pleased to pose for a photograph. Certainly can't blame them. A few years back, someone who would know (Tatyana in Brest, Belarus) said that a mink coat easily runs a year's wages and that it's meant to last for a lifetime.

This could be mink. On the other hand, maybe not. It's definitely not lamb.

This also could be mink. I'd say we could rule out fox on this one.

This one is not mink. Hmmm. She told me but how could I write it down when I was busy with the camera? Maybe you know what fur this is? We can safely rule out ermine on this one.

Anybody out there got a fur coat? Want one? Want to buy me one? Well, actually I have a respectible Republican cloth coat. It's exactly 10 years old and looks like new.


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Eileen!

That's such a great idea to take pictures of beautiful ladies in beautiful fur coats. They look so cute and looks like they enjoy to pose like models.

Thank you for the article thank you for making these ladies happy :))).

Fur coat is appropriate thing to wear in Russia during these cold winters.

Best wishes,

Jeanette M said...

No fur coats on the sunny Central Coast of California. Yesterday, I had shorts on. (Fur shorts?) haha.

I am tempted to visit Russia in the winter, just to get to wear a mink. It's a dream...

John from Kansas said...

Your coat is checkered?