Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tram Troubles

Tram troubles this evening. Lucky for me, I was getting off at that stop but there was a bit of a tram jam this evening around 5:30, Moscow Time (as this time zone is called), which is 9:30 a.m. Central Time. (What were you doing at that time?)

One of the nice new trams in Rostov. Several of these the last year or so. Lovely. Off come the fur coat ladies and the driver. Just happened to have my camera along. Nice that nobody squawked about my snapping a few photos.

Driver heading up ahead to check on things. Pretty sunset. How nice the days are longer, eh? Like an hour longer than the 4:30 pm sunsets of December.

Ah hah. It's one of these old clunker trams that's backing things up. Fixed and about 15 minutes later, no lines and no waiting on the tram line. The joys of public transportation. Pay 7 rubles (24.5 rubles to the dollar so, nearly 30 cents) and enjoy the electric snail. Actually public transport has its own special charm.


John from Kansas said...

Fascinating post Eileen. There are not many tramlines operating in the U.S. anymore, but they will be back some day. You are right about the charm of public transport. Time to read, think, or just watch the ever-changing cityscape with busy city dwellers roll by.

Eileen said...

Yes Johh, I agree. And a great chance to rub shoulders (etc etc etc) with local folks. John, please confess here and now just between the two of us, how it is that you have such an interest in things Russian. Have you ever travelled to Eastern Europe by chance? Maybe you're a former (spy)? ;) E

John from Kansas said...

Curiosity. Russia is unique. Closed until recently, so much of what we in the west have been led to believe about Russia is wrong. I have not traveled much outside the U.S., but with the Internet I have a better idea of what Russia and its people are like. Of all the sites and blogs about Russia that I read every day, yours is unique. You show everyday life in Rostov - the city, the people, the food, the customs, and the language. You are a very good writer and have a good eye for details.

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Eileen!

Yes, sometimes we have troubles with trams in Moscow too. I had an article about it here.

Best wishes,