Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm Ho-ho-home!

Tonight fresh off the bus, waiting for a taxi at the station, glanced around and what a magnificient billboard that says *I'm home!* This sign is huge -- it covers eight stories of a 10-story building.

This is how I felt tonight arriving in Rostov - just like the photo. I managed to resist hugging the person who met me, though. That would have been the taxi driver. And as wonderful as was my little jaunt over to Mariupol, Ukraine, it's always soooo good to be back in ones very own nest.


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Welcome home, Eileen!

Thank you for your interesting articles and beautiful pictures from Ukraine :).

Best wishes,
Svet and Kyle

Eileen said...

Hello Kyle and Svet - Thank you for your kind words! Bet you're been to the Ukraine a time or two, yourselves! =) EE