Saturday, February 16, 2008

In the Shadow of the Cathedral: Potatoes Galore

Rostov's biggest Russian Orthodox Church is surrounded on four sides by Central Market, an outdoor market similar, perhaps, to a farmer's market. Here's a shot from the potato section.

Across the way, another shot of potatoes, looking toward the east. Imagine so many varieties.

Here's a shot looking toward the west. It's important you know, that we give adequate coverage to the entire potato department. The one lady there got herself all in a tizzy about having her veggies photographed and said that a person needs purchase a permit first. We could call it a Permit to Photograph Potatoes. Hold on while I look up the Russian word for malarky. . .

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Tammy said...

It seems the market people are extra sensitive about this, doesn't it?? I asked once & got permission. Turned & took another pic (of someone's I HADN'T asked permission) and got chewed out royally. Took the extra time to show her that I deleted the picture from my camera & all. She didn't even warm up when I spoke with her in Russian & was nice. Some people are naturally cranky, maybe?
Do tell me-- do YOU guys have any vegetables in your market?? I found only potatoes, onions, cabbage, beets & garlic. I'm dying for some fresh veggies.
I loved your blog about cranberries. Would love to know the story about drying them. I didn't get out in time to get any, this year. It was a very short season.
Anyway- love your blog! Keep up the good work!