Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Alphabet of Sleep: IKEA

IKEA poses the question, А КАК СПИТЕ ВЫ? That is, So how do you sleep? Clever little rhyming phrase at the bottom: There's an idea. There's IKEA.

So, which letter most resembles the way you sleep?


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Eileen!

Yes, Moscow is full of this advertisement too. And "Alphabet of sleeping" at the top ;).

Can not imagine how to sleep like Russian letter "Ю" but could be funny!

Regards from Moscow,

Jenny said...

That sign is so cute.

Eileen said...

Hey Kyle and Svet - yes, sleeping like a "ю" would take a contortionist, wouldn't it?! Svet, you mentioned in another post eating at the IKEA. See, I'll have to try that. The prices are good, right? It was almost $10 for me to eat at the Sbarro's...adds up fast!

Jenny, THANK YOU for stopping by. Yes, cute sign! Say, yesterday saw a lady here at the checkout with (is it) WASSA crackers/bread products and thought of you. Because as I recall, you write for them - right?