Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Across Ukraine: Through the Window of a Train

Train north from Ivano-Frankovsk to L'viv, western Ukraine.

View from my lower berth, across walk-way looking east.

On the curtain, Pre-Carpathian (Railway), the line at the foothills to the Carpathian Mts in southwestern Ukraine and into Hungary.

View into the next along the walk-way.

Out the window. Where are we - southern Ohio? Kentucky? Nope right here in Ukraine.

Ah, yes. An Orthodox church, looks like at this distance.

Could be. . . east Texas.

Well, arrived in L'viv for a very nice day of sightseeing with new friend Larisa.

And while there I took so many photos, so many rainy-day photos with dear Larisa holding the umbrella over me and the camera. . .

. . . that I put my camera away for a while. And which is why as the L'viv - Adler train was chugging across Ukraine from northwest to southeast, I needed a break from dear Olympus 4040Z. Even good friends need some time apart, don't ya know.

. . . which is why rather than capturing for you the Dneiper-Petrovsk area and our passage over beautiful sparkling rivers and such, I managed to haul the camera back out later only in time to catch coal mining area of southeastern Ukraine, the Donetsk area.

In the southeast, we passed field after field full of spent sunflowers. From a distance the colors were pretty. But here is what I managed to capture for you. See, I had a few really important things to think about at the time, such as my high-stakes UNO games going on with neighbors. Just kidding about the stakes part. . . they weren't high at all. ;)

How about you, dear blog readers, what have you done to pass the time on long-distance trains?

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