Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Selected Images: Zhitomer, Ukraine

Got to spend last weekend in Zhitomir - pronounced Zhit-OH-mir, 90 minutes west of Kiev by taxi van. I've heard about this town for so long from dear friend Cindy from Richmond, Virginia because she and church friends have come like 15 times or so over the years. But it was the invitation fromTammy S. that nudged me into going. Tammy is a missionary-publisher-educator sort of person who has lived in Zhitomer eight years, as I recall. Tammy happened upon my blog, wrote and introduced herself and. . . we keep in touch. Below are a few photos from Zhitomer.

Visit another expatriate and where's dinner going to be? New York Street Pizza, of course! Tammy is one of those people who's a fount of information on many subjects. Lucky me! She's also a gypsy-type-person. Quite like me. . .

A beautiful Orthodox cathedral in town.

What's the name of the cathedral?

Well, it doesn't have a name. It's just the cathedral, was the usual answer.

Zhitomer has been around for quite a while. The display above announces that Zhitomer is (was) 1,123 years old. Do the math on that, and realize the place has been around quite a while before, say, the Boston Tea Party. Thanks to Tammy and her orange Chevy, we got off the beaten track and I enjoyed quite a tour of the entire area.

Memorial obelisk to World War II - the fallen and the veterans. Ukraine was a major battleground during the war.

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