Monday, September 08, 2008

Let's Do the Metro: Kiev, Ukraine

Public transport has its own special romance. Something about the masses of strangers flung together for a moment. Something about the frenetic pace, the element of danger, the sights and sounds. I love the metro. I love it best when I've arrived at my destination safe and sound.

Care to join me on a recent trip? And there's a special treat at the end - the Sumptuous Moscow Metro. It was Stalin or maybe Kruzchev who said the metro is the palace of the people. See why in this great video at the very end.

A mother with children on a September weekday. The girl is either going late to coming home early from school.

Looking right. Those television monitors certainly help pass the time. Also they announce the upcoming metro station. That helps.

View left: all eyes on the monitor. (Good! That makes it easier to snap a quick picture.)

Whew! A little less crowded, lots of people have gotten off. So yippee, let's grab a seat.

A good place to catch up on reading. It's neat to see what people are reading.

Metro can be a great place to catch up on sleep. Thanks to YouTube for this.

Whew! Okay, we're at our connection. Now hurrying from one train line to the next. This is okay when a person knows where she's going and how to get there. In a new city, that person isn't me.

Above, Kiev, rushing past poster of downtown Kiev. Note the famous statue (it does have an official name) and the Ukrainian flag.

Metro at peak times is absolutely nuts - I mean to say - it's an intense experience. Thanks to YouTube for this real life journey through that tin of sardines. Oh my stomach tightens up just watching this. If there were sound, it would be deafening.

So now we're queued up for the escalator. A certain amount of pushing and shoving. Hey watch it buddy, I'm trying to take a picture!

Attention gymnasts: Today there will be no headstands on the escalator. Maybe tomorrow.

Escalator. A time to rest up a bit, get ones bearings and enjoy the passing scenery: Ads galore.

A look back. Some of these escalators go on infinitum. Call it escalator to the stars.

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes. Let's see, how would that go in Russian...

Oopsie, that happened way too fast to get a good picture of driver. Good news: our train has arrived and what a colorful one it is.

Magnificent Moscow Metro

Dear Blog Readers, welcome to our destination! We have arrived and now we want to hear about your metro experiences! Anything fun, funny, interesting, exotic, even dangerous to share?

PS: Subway Sleep
Whatever you're doing, whether you think you have time or not, do yourself a favor and click on this link to English Russia and the video there. This video is a winner. Oh my oh my oh my!


Charity said...

Well, I've had some interesting metro experiences, but I've never witnessed a "metro sleepover"! I spent a lot of time on the metro in Moscow; they don't have those cool TVs, so we talked, read, or stared at the ads on the walls.

Thanks for the pix and video clips - they bring back lots of (claustrophobic) memories. :-)

Mariah Byron Edgington said...

Love the Moscow Metro video, makes me want to come to Moscow! And the Subway Sleep is a stitch.
Thanks for sharing.
Caffectionately yours, Mariah & Byron
p.s. great picture of Tammy -- she looks wonderful.

Eileen said...

Hey Charity, that's it in a nut-shell, the claustrophobia. I do need to find that word in Russian...And I agree - the TV monitor really makes a difference. Certainly better than staring at somebody's bald spot for 10 minutes, swaying and jostling along.

Mariah, well welcome to my blog - yes isn't that subway deal hilarious! Yes Tammy looks great. Have you ever driven with her? I was impressed that she knew how to maneuver around cows plodding home along the road in the evening. "Don't drive over the chain or you'll break its neck." Who woulda thunk?