Monday, September 29, 2008

From Simferopol to Fiodosia, Crimea

Hello from Simferopol. I'm staying here with a lovely family: Zhenya, Elena and their six teenagers, five of whom they have adopted - more or less - from a local orphanage. What a lively bunch.

They found room for me at their dinner table as well as an empty bunk bed in the girls' room. I am indeed blessed. Above is this dear family plus Sam, back row, visiting from Oklahoma.

So here is a map of Crimea, the part of Ukraine that dangles down into the Black Sea. We're in Simferopol where Zhenya preaches for the congregation here. But Friday we headed to Fiodosia, two hours east on the coast.

Our route above on taxi-van was two hours to Fiodosia, an ancient city on the coast.

From there we went south of there to Ordgonikidza. There we attended a fine Christian conference, the University of Jesus.

Folks from all over Ukraine attended, 470 in all and it was a taste of heaven. The singing was magnificent.

The fellowship was so encouraging. Several folks from the US attended, including Stan from Oklahoma. Stan has been in visiting and helping in Donetsk for many years.

Alexander, above, preaches in Donetsk and broadcasts a weekly television program. Among the conference attendees were folks who have responded to the TV program and wanted to learn more about God and his plan for people. An invitation was extended and 17 people decided to become Christians. We went to the beach for a baptism service.

We were there quite a while. The service was very special. Above one young lady just prior to her immersion.


Christine said...

Oh my goodness! :)
I know Elena ~ she was with us on part of our adoption journey in Donetsk in 2005!!!
You are indeed blessed to have spent some time with them...she is not only very sweet in the Lord but also a bundle of fun to talk with!

Eileen said...

Hello Christine - how neat! A connection. Going through the adoption maze I can image that Elena would be a major asset. Yeah! Yes, quite the fine young lady. Now, really busy with five more kids! Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on Your adoption. S BOGom ((Go) with God), Eileen