Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Sunday Morning in Zhitomer, Ukraine

Care to join me for a walk through Zhitomer? It was a warm Sunday morning last week and I had a few hours before church started at 2:00 pm.

First, lets get ourselves oriented. See Zhitomer there on the map. It's 90 minutes west of Kiev by taxi van. Vans run like every 20-30 minutes between the two.

The street-sweeping lady was busy tidying up her assigned area. Those brooms are something -- ever tried to sweep with a short-handled broom? Perfect for persons 3-4 feet high but for the rest of us, oh my aching back. Ukrainian folks are a tough breed though: You'll hear no complaints from any of them.

Meanwhile a wedding was about to begin. The mother of the bride, above, pulled aside the bearer of the wedding bread to make last-minute adjustments to the traditional loaf. It really was pretty. But. . . talk about wedding jitters. The bread'll do it to ya.

Serve your country: Join the army. Protect the independance of Ukraine.

A stairway and charming archway from a busy street to a quiet neighborhood.

McDonald's coming soon to Zhitomer. Attention students: Work at McDonald's and you can have money of your own. A concept we all like. Especially parents.

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