Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yippee Yahoo Back in Rostov

Just off the train across Ukraine. Map gives general idea.

Monday I guess it was, took the 3-hr trip from Ivano-Frankovstk north to L'viv, as per the yellow line above. Then overnighted in L'viv with dear Larisa and her husband (previous post) and then sometime recently - it must have been Tuesday afternoon, caught the L'viv to Rostov train, a direct route as per the blue line above.

Oh, but that blue line is deceiving. I know because this time I checked up on things: plotted our train stops on my spiffy map of Ukraine and I must say we zig-zagged our way across the country, went slow and stopped, stopped and stopped some more. Which is why it took us 29 hrs. I have no idea how far. That's a question for another day. . . Can you wait for that information? I certainly can.

So here you have two flags of Ukraine flying together in unison. The flag is so simple but it represents the blue sky over the golden harvest of Ukraine. And whizzing flying past the train window was all that blue and gold.

Dear Bogdan and Larisa in Ivano-Frankovsk. This dear family allowed me to camp out on their living room coach for an entire week. They're so very special. And I could write a whole chapter in a book about them. Which is exactly why I went there. . .


Alida said...

Our youngest son is leaving us to go and study in Kiev! He will be taking the train from Krasondar to Kiev next week... how fun to see photos and read about your journey!!

Tammy said...

Welcome home again! Glad you were able to see more of Ukraine. Hope you'll be back soon & we can visit & travel together, too, even! Be blessed! Tammy

Charity said...

Eileen, it's always interesting reading about your adventures. I do understand about having to put the camera away every once in a while!

Eileen said...

Hey Alida, I had been thinking how neat it would be to meet your son's train and giving him some muffins - surely he would be going through Rostov! Oh, well the thought was there - And besides I left town on Tues and his train was later, right? Empty nest? Congratulations!

Hey Tammy, Thanks so much for the magnificent hospitality in Zhitomer. I was thinking about the great info you gave me about UA registration and how that would be useful sometime....Need to get back in touch about that one of these days. =) EE

Hey dear Charity, Thanks for stopping by. Oh how I do enjoy your blog - it's so very special. And best of all that I got to visit you and your precious bunch - thanks for working into your schedule me and you mama! =)

John from Kansas said...

Great photos and commentary Eileen.