Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Electrical Outlet Spotted in Hotel Bathroom

Talk about getting shocked - in a good way, that is. Do you see what I see? Study the photo below carefully. Last weekend in Zhitomir, I opened the door to my hotel bathroom and something hit me right between the eyes.

See that 220v on the bathroom wall? That is very special. Let's zoom on in for a closer look.

Ladies and gentlemen: Announcing (drum roll please) an ELECTRIC OUTLET in a HOTEL BATHROOM in EASTERN EUROPE! Admittedly I may have missed something at during my 9-plus years in this neck of the woods. But this is the first I recall seeing a real, live, electric outlet in a bathroom. Particularly a hotel bathroom in a Soviet-era facility.

I am still in shock. Happy shock of course. Because there seems to be this philosophy that bathrooms and electricity don't mix. Then when I need to repair my lovely coiffure, I need: 1) a mirror, 2) an electrical outlet nearby 3) a something to set the hot appliance down on. A sink will work. Even the back of a toilet. But in Eastern Europe, most often the mirror is six to eight to ten feet from the electrical outlet. This calls for an extension cord. Fortunately, an extension cord is something I tend to travel with. But it's really for the computer. So priorities: electricity for the laptop or for the hair-repair because so far, I've been able to draw the line at dragging the computer into a bathroom.

Three cheers to the Hotel Zhitomir for their innovative thinking: that a bathroom, a mirror and an electrical outlet can be combined without loss of life.


MamaPoRuski said...

LOL! I jumped from Tammy's blog today and loved your post! May God continue to give you unexpected blessings!

Eileen said...

Well thank you Mamaporuski (what a name you got yourself there mama). Sounds as though the Tammy Fan Club has been out en force overnight! Thanks for stopping by... Sure was neat to meet the divine Miss T in person.

Jeanette said...

har har har! Loved the post! Sure wish I had pictures of all the cortorted positions I have been in trying to dry my hair in Russia. (Sitting cross-legged on the floor comes to mind, using a powder compact mirror.) But you're outlets in bathrooms! How do men shave? (not with electric razors I guess). I do see the danger...esp without the GFI devices that we are so fortunate to have here. So BRAVO for you to have such great luck (and nice hair!)

Anonymous said...

great post , couldn't stop laughing