Saturday, September 20, 2008

Squatters Rights

Finally I managed to capture a squatter. Or rather to shoot a squatter. Several of them, with the camera of course. Let me ask you this: When you're waiting and your legs get tired, are you tempted to squat? Well some folk here do that and the very sight hurts my knees. But let's have a look anyway. . .

Last week at the train station in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine we were buying train tickets for me. And over there I spotted a squatter. It was the chance I'd been waiting for. . . to capture a squatter. Just for you.

We were waiting around because suddenly it began pouring rain and you know us pedestrian types, we're not venturing out in that especially when the umbrellas are at home. Silly, silly to come out without the umbrella, which in Ukrainian is called a parasol.

So a look back at the original squatter and it appears to be contagious. He's joined by squatters friends. Dear friend Lyda, partially visible here on the left, was so helpful, letting me hide the camera behind her. But she did have to laugh at me, that I found this so interesting. And here's why: the next day look what I spotted in the kitchen. . .

Here's Lyda herself peeling potatoes. Never mind that some of us do this sort of thing over the sink, peeling into a bowl of some sort. Lyda peels squatting, the peelings falling straight into the trash. Squatters have their rights, you know.

Well, whatever works!

How about you, dear blogging friend. Do you find squatting as comfortable as sitting?

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